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MARCH 2023




Artist eligibility:
- must be 18 years or older
- can be emerging or established
- must be able to communicate in English or Spanish


-  $20 US for 1-3 images of separate artworks
-  artist can submit more than once if he or she would like more than 3 artworks to be considered
-  entry fees are NOT refundable and do NOT guarantee entry into the exhibition

Diamond Award, Ruby Award, Sapphire Award, Emerald Award and Crystal Awards.  All winners receive a digital Award Certificate and top four winners also receive a special Award Page announcing the news, which is ideal for use on websites, clientele newsletter lists and social media.

-  two-dimensional works done by hand are eligible such as paintings and drawings  
-  photography, digital, mixed media, printwork and collage are eligible
- sculpture, crafts, jewellery, fabric art and similar media are ineligible
-  video and sound are ineligible

Gallery Ring looks for originality, mastery of medium, strong overall design and composition, creative and clear interpretation of theme and a solid, arresting impression and intention in each artwork.  

Artist Statement : (recommended but not required)
- maximum 150 words
An artist statement is written in the first person and explains the artist’s purpose and inspiration for his or her overall practice or for the pieces submitted. It does NOT give the life story of the artist - that is a biography.
- will not be a factor during the jurying process but will be used in Award Pages for the top winners
- will be edited if they surpass the word limit or if they are structurally and/or grammatically incorrect

Image requirements:
-  only 1 artwork and 1 frontal viewpoint per image is permissible   
-  cannot exceed 2MB
-  in jpg format
-   files must be labeled as Last name-Title of Art.jpg  (example:  Jones-Sunrise.jpg)
-  cropped to show only the artwork - frames, mat, other backgrounds and watermarks are unacceptable
-  clear, without glares and in focus  

Artist notification of results:
- all artists will be notified about the results regarding their submissions via email when the show is posted online (approximately between one and two weeks after the respective deadline)
- this is when artists will receive their digital Award Certificates, Award Pages, Plaques and Vouchers

Artwork does not have to be for sale.  Gallery Ring does not handle sales of art or take a commission but will direct inquiries to the artist.

Newsletter subscription:
Upon submission, artists will automatically be added to Gallery Ring’s email list and will receive future announcements and newsletters.  If the artist prefers not to be on this list, he or she can email Gallery Ring and be removed.  

-  once the submission deadline has been reached, no image substitutions or changes will be permitted
-  all artwork must be original and not done with help from teachers or be copied from work by other artists or photographers
-  artwork that's offensive, violent, vulgar, distasteful or negative in any way against humans or animals is unacceptable
-  artwork that is political is unacceptable
-  artwork must not have been previously shown on this site
-  all decisions regarding exhibitions and winners are final
-  all selected artwork must remain in the exhibition for the entire duration - early withdrawals are not permitted
-  artists' contact information will not be shared with external parties or groups
-  Gallery Ring reserves the right to cancel, extend or change deadline or exhibition dates or content at any time

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